The Twilight of America

by Miss Snarls on October 17, 2011

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In my local newspaper, the Record, the lead editorialist Al Doblin refers to Tea Partiers as Hee-Haw country bumpkins.  What, Ms. Snarls wonders, is county-bumpkinish about believing, in a nutshell, that our central federal government has become too large and too intrusive and is extracting too much of our capital?  Is it country-bumpkinish to assemble by the hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands legally, that is, with the required permits, peacefully (NO arrests), and respectfully, leaving the venue clean?  Or is it country-bumpkinish because the Tea Partiers have stood in the way of the inexorable creeping of the progressive, socialist agenda?  Without the country bumpkins, the Democrat party would control both houses of congress, and there would be nothing stopping the current administration from borrow and spending us further into an abyss.  God bless the country bumpkins.

In contrast to the country bumpkins, the Occupy Wall Street crowd (idealistic and intellectual in the eyes of the Main Stream Media) do not know what they stand for, assemble illegally and violently, and contrary to their undoubted green cred, leave their environment filthy.  But to the left, they are heroes; they are their salvation. 

Although both the Tea Partiers and the Flea Partiers are against the bank (and GM) bailouts, only the Tea Partiers supported politicians who were against the bailouts, too.  The Tea Party is about less government and freedom; the Flea Partiers are about more government and freestuff. The OWS Flea Partiers are, Ms. Snarls bets, still Obamessiah voters.  No wonder they cannot articulate a platform.

 But what is scarier to Ms. Snarls is the Kristallnacht quality to the OWS protests.  The anti-Semitism is palpable.  Here’s just one link; you can google for others:  More Anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles.  If you haven’t read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, please make the time.  (Ms. Snarls will happily buy back your copy if you don’t think it was worth every dime you spent).  

Our Divider-in-Chief has set on class warfare and the manipulation of a mob as his way to win re-election and to be able to continue his fundamental transformation of America.  Be scared, be very scared.

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